# Administration Panel

Laratrust comes with a simple administration panel for roles, permissions and their assignment to the users.

Currently it supports:

  1. Permissions CRUD.
  2. Roles CRUD and permissions assignment.
  3. Assignment of roles and permission to the multiple users defined in user_models in the config/laratrust.php file.
  4. Restricting roles from being edited, deleted or removed.

# How to use it

  1. Go to your config/laratrust.php file and change the panel.register value to true.
  2. Publish the assets used by the panel by running:
php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laratrust-assets --force

By default the URL to access the panel is /laratrust.

To customize the the URL and other available settings in the panel please go to the panel section in the config/laratrust.php file.

# Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of the admin panel.

Edit role view

Edit role view Edit role view Edit role view
Last Updated: 5/24/2020, 12:25:54 PM