# Installation

  1. You can install the package using composer:
composer require santigarcor/laratrust
  1. Publish the configuration file:
php artisan vendor:publish --tag="laratrust"


If this command did not publish any files, chances are, the Laratrust service provider hasn't been registered. Try clearing your configuration cache

php artisan config:clear
  1. Run the setup command:


Before running the command go to your config/laratrust.php file and change the values according to your needs.

php artisan laratrust:setup

This command will generate the migrations, create the Role and Permission models (if you are using the teams feature it will also create a Team model) and will add the trait to the configured user models.

  1. Dump the autoloader:
composer dump-autoload
  1. Run the migrations:
php artisan migrate


If you did the steps above you are done with the configuration, if not, please read and follow the whole configuration process

Last Updated: 9/17/2020, 5:18:08 AM