# Troubleshooting

If you make changes directly to the Laratrust tables and when you run your code the changes are not reflected, please clear your application cache using::

php artisan cache:clear

Remember that Laratrust uses cache in the roles and permissions checks.

If you want to use the Authorizable trait you have to do:

use Authorizable {
    Authorizable::can insteadof LaratrustUserTrait;
    LaratrustUserTrait::can as laratrustCan;

And then replace all the uses of can with hasPermission or isAbleTo.


If you use the Laratrust::can facade method you don't have to change this method because it calls the hasPermission method.

If you encounter an error when doing the migration that looks like::

SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1005 Can't create table 'laravelbootstrapstarter.#sql-42c_f8' (errno: 150)
    (SQL: alter table `role_user` add constraint role_user_user_id_foreign foreign key (`user_id`)
    references `users` (`id`)) (Bindings: array ())

Then it is likely that the id column in your user table does not match the user_id column in role_user. Make sure both are INT(10).

When trying to use the LaratrustUserTrait methods, you encounter the error which looks like::

Class name must be a valid object or a string

Then probably you do not have published Laratrust assets or something went wrong when you did it. First of all check that you have the laratrust.php file in your app/config directory. If you don't, then try php artisan vendor:publish and, if it does not appear, manually copy the /vendor/santigarcor/laratrust/src/config/config.php file in your config directory and rename it laratrust.php.