# Upgrade from 5.0 to 5.1


Laratrust 5.1 requires Laravel >= 5.2.32 and php >= 5.6.0.

In order to upgrade from Laratrust 5.0 to 5.1 you have to follow these steps:

  1. Change your composer.json to require the 5.1 version of Laratrust:
"santigarcor/laratrust": "5.1.*"
  1. Run composer update to update the source code.

  2. Run php artisan config:clear and php artisan cache:clear.

  3. Update your config/laratrust.php:

    4.1. Backup your config/laratrust.php configuration values.

    4.2. Delete the config/laratrust.php file.

    4.3. Run php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laratrust.

    4.4. Update the config/laratrust.php file with your old values.

  4. Delete the LaratrustSeeder.php file and run php artisan laratrust:seeder.

  5. If you use the method cachedRoles or cachedPermissions you should stop using them and change the parts where you use them because they were deleted from the LaratrustUserTrait and LaratrustRoleTrait.

  6. Run composer dump-autoload.

Now you can use the 5.1 version without any problem.

Last Updated: 9/7/2018, 3:31:51 PM